13th International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city

The Thirteenth International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city (artistic director is a composer Alexander Khubeev) are held from August, 30 to September 13, 2023 in Tchaikovsky-city. The final concerts will take place in Tchaikovsky-city (September, 11-12) and in Moscow (September, 14-15).

This year the Academy opens new directions:
– Laboratory of electroacoustic music — CEAM workshop for composers (curator is a composer Nikolai Popov)
– Special course for musicologists – classes for students and post-graduated students studying contemporary music (curators are musicologists Tatyana Yakovleva, Irina Sevastyanova, Vladimir Zhalnin).

The Academy plans both offline and online formats, including lectures, individual lessons, presentations, master-classes, performances and concerts.

The professors and guests of the Academy are Michael Pelzel, Arturo Corrales (Switzerland), Sebastian Rivas (France), Vladimir Gorlinsky, Vladimir Rannev, Alexei Sysoev, Olga Bochikhina, Mark Buloshnikov, Oleg Makarov, Nadezhda Petruseva (Russia).

Such ensembles as MCME, CEAM Artists, N’Caged as well as the young Russian musicians-soloists will take part in concerts and educational projects of the Academy. There will be also organised advanced training courses (refresher courses) for teachers from Perm and the Perm region. During the Academy there is an exhibition “Music of Machines”

The Academy received 114 applications from 34 countries.

Students who write a new composition for the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME):
Maria Anikeeva (Russia)
Valentin Bezdetko (Russia)
Turkar Gasimzada (Azerbaijan)
Mohammad H. Javaheri (Iran)
Tianyu Zou (China)
Julius von Lorentz (Germany)
Aglaya Sevastianova (Russia)
Lukas Sukharev (Russia)

Students who write a new composition for CEAM-Artists:
Arash Azadi (Iran)
Hibiki Mukai (Japan)
Yekaterina Khmelevskaya (Russia)
Stanislav Frolov (Russia)

Luca Bardelle (Italy)
Paulo Brito (Brazil)
Anna Dmitrieva (Russia)

Elena Bukireva (Russia)
Anzhelika Gabibova (Russia)
Xingyu Long (China)
Maria Poryadina (Russia)
Yuri Frolov (Russia)
Vera Shirokova (Russia)
Kristins Yanova (Russia)

Sergei Shestakov (Russia)
Alexei Vassiliev (Russia)


Annual International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city (Perm region) is the unique and the biggest large-scale international young composers’ workshop in Russia (artistic director before 2021 was Dmitri Kourliandski, from 2021 Alexander Khubeev is artistic director). It is a creative laboratory for young composers and musicians from all over the world. Visiting professors are well-known composers who hold individual sessions and group lectures. During fortnight workshop the young composers write new compositions which are rehearsed and performed by the leading Russian group, the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) in the final concerts in Tchaikovsky, Perm and in Moscow. Within the Academy there are also organized a number of educational concerts, master-classes for young musicians and refresher courses for teachers. Totally every Academy collected around 100 participants.
Over the years of the Academy a lot of international projects were organized, more than 180 young composers from Russia and 45 countries of the world were trained, more than 250 music teachers improved their skills, more than 100 concerts of contemporary music and lectures, hundreds of music presentations of young composers took place.
Among the professors-teachers of the Academy were the well-known composers such as Beat Furrer (Austria/Switzerland), Franc Bedrossian, Philippe Leroux, Jean-Luc Herve, Mark Andre, Raphael Cendo, Fabien Levy, Jerome Combier, Colin Roche (France), Chaya Czernowin (Israel), Pierluigi Billone, Francesco Filidei (Italy), Carola Bauckholt (Germany), Peter Ablinger, Klaus Lang (Austria), Oscar Bianchi, Santiago Diez-Fischer (Switzerland), Yannis Kyriakides (the Netherlands), Antoine Beuger (the Netherlands/Germany), Elzbieta Sikora (Poland), etc.

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