August 30 – September 13, 2018 (14 September – concert in Moscow)

Tchaikovsky city, Moscow

Chaya Czernowin (Israel/U.S.A.), Coline Roche (France), Santiago Tomás Díez Fischer (Switzerland), Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia), David Lefkowitz (U.S.A.)

Performers/MCME soloists:
Ivan Bushuev, flute (+ piccolo, alto-fl)
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet (+ bass-clarinet)
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Vladislav Pessin, violin
Yulia Migunova, cello

According to applications professional jury will select 10 students, 5 stagers and 5 fellowships of any nationality up to 35 years old. Students will have a possibility to work during 12 days on a new composition under the patronage of well-known composers. The compositions will be premiered by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble in the frames of the Academy in the Tchaikovsky city and in Moscow. Stagers receive individual classes of Academy professors and attend all events of the Academy.

Each student will have 6 hours of individual lessons (2 hour-long lessons with each professor), 1 hour-long individual meeting with each musician (participating in the piece performance) and 3 hour-long rehearsals with the musicians of the Moscow Ensemble (under the professors’ patronage). Each stager will have 3 hours of individual lessons (1 hour-long lessons with each professor).

Besides individual lessons, each professor will hold 2 open three-hour-long lectures, and each student and stager will have a hour-long presentation.

I. Selection procedure:
Dead-line: Applications sent before May 25, 2018.
Date of birth – 1983 or later.
Jury selects 20 participants of the Academy: 10 students, 5 stagers and 5 fellowships.
Selected composers will receive confirmations by e-mail before June 15, 2018.
Before August 10, 2018 the 10 selected composers should send the draft of the score.
In case composer rejects participation another composer is invited instead.

II. Applications are to be sent by e-mail and must include:
1. First name, Surname
2. Home address
3. Country
4. Phone
5. e-mail, web-site
6. Date of Birth
7. Citizenship/Nationalityn
8. Composers short biography (150 words)
9. Two – three scores of any line-up in pdf
10. Links to the downloadable recording of 1-3 pieces in mp.3 (you can use or something else)
11. Copy of passport (main page) – valid till the end of February, 2019
12. Current photo of the composer

Send applications to:

III. Selected students are proposed to compose a 6-8 minutes piece (or a complete part of a bigger work) for one of the following instrumental combinations:

Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello
Flute, Piano, Violin, Cello
Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Cello
Clarinet, Piano, Cello
Flute, Clarinet, Piano
Flute, Violin
Piano, Violin Clarinet, Cello

Students can propose their own combinations as well. Organisers will try to distribute the instrumental line-ups in accordance with the participants’ will

IV. Financial conditions:
Selected composers pay only travel to Moscow. Travel from Moscow to Tchaikovsky and back, food, accommodation and studies are covered by the Academy.

V. Accommodation and study:
All participants will be accommodated in a hotel in double rooms with sink in Sanatorium. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are provided. Internet access. Swimming pool. Gym. Park.
All events will take place in the Tchaikovsky Musical College and Chidren Art School (three minutes of walking)

VI. Additional possibilities:
Wishing to come at their own expenses are welcome. The “free listeners” can follow all public events of the Academy: lectures, presentations, rehearsals, concerts, but they have no possibility for individual classes. The number of free listeners is limited. Contact the Academy direction for the details and prices.

We recommend you to contact us as soon as possible for the details of arrival, transfer and visa support.

VII. Honorable mentions are previewed by the end of the Academy:
Invitation to the next Academy, performances during 2018-2019 concert season in Russia and abroad, etc. Possibility to be published at the “Donemus”

VIII. Contacts:
Victoria Korshunova, director of Academy, director of MCME:
Dmitri Kourliandski, artistic director of Academy:
Alexander Khubeev, vice-director of Academy:

Send applications to:

IX. The final concerts

The final concerts of new student works will take place in Tchaikovsky Art School in September 12th and in Moscow Philharmonics Chamber Hall in September 14th. Students can stay in Moscow at their own. The Academy Administration can’t cover accommodation in Moscow but can help to find the cheap hotels/hostels.