15 September 2021
Moscow, Philharmonics Chamber Hall, 19:00

Works by Professors and Students of XI International Young Composers Academy

Mark Andre (France) “Asche” for b-flute, b-clarinet, piano, viola and cello
Oliver Schneller (Germany) “Topoi” for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Rainer Rubbert (Germany) “Dialogue” for cello solo
Blaise Ubaldini (Switzerland) “2 a.m.” for bass-flute solo

Bracha Bdil (Israel/UK) «Metamorphosis» on the theme «Hava Nagila» for flute and piano
Joan Gómez Alemany (Spain) «Triptych based on the сrucifixion» (and two fragments of Artaud) for violin, cello and piano
Tobias Fandel (Germany) «Grammage» for clarinet and violin
Miles Friday (USA) «a series of loops» for cello and electronics
Vladimir Ladomirov (Russia) “Expectations” for violin and electronics
Adrian Laugsch (Germany/Poland) «Crystal, dirt and iron» for flute piccolo, clarinet and electronics
Alexey Logunov (Russia) «Midnight tunes» for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Egor Savelyanov (Russia) «¡я? (не) хочу тебя услышать» for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Ekaterina Suvorkina (Russia) “Maze” for bass-flute solo
Roman Zhaurov (Russia) «Rezistanse of the ready-made» for flute, clarinet, cello and piano

Ivan Bushuev, flute
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Maria Sadurdinova, piano
Gleb Khokhlov, piano
Yulia Migunova, cello