13 September 2023
Moscow, Swiss Embassy Residence, 19:00

Swiss Composers, the residents of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

Oscar Bianhci “Alteritas” for bass-clarinet solo
Heinz Holliger “Duo” for violin and cello
Michael Pelzel “Underground Vibration” for clarinet, cello and piano
Alexander Khubeev “Massimo Sempre” for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Konstantin Efimov, flute
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Evgeny Subbotin, violin
Olga Demina, cello

The Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) presents the music by leading Swiss contemporary composers in three concerts in the Swiss Embassy, Moscow. Each concert is focused on the figure of one composer who was invited by MCME to participating in the Russian concert tours and at the International Young Composers Academy organised by MCME in Tchaikovsky-city, Perm region. Except for them the performances include the pieces by other Swiss and Russian contemporary composers.