19 May 2022
Perm, Phiharmonics "Triumph", 21:00

Project “Moan of the Earth”

Alexander Khubeev, “Moan of the Earth” for string objects and electronics
Nikolai Popov, “sy_nap_sys” for saxophone, electronics and video
Anna Pospelova, “A headache” for objects, electronics and video
Aigerim Seilova, “Spiral” for cello, electronics and video
Alessandro Perrini, “Three studies for two voices” for two performers, electronics and video
Raphael Cendo, “Foris” for cello and electronics
Luigi Ceccarelli, “Birds” for bass-clarinet, electronics and video

Yulia Migunova (cello, objects)
Ignat Krasikov (sazophone, bass-clarinet, objects)
Nikolai Popov (электроника, видео)