11 December 2017
Moscow, Electrotheater STANISLAVSKY, 20:00

Multimedia Music Project (r)Evolution

Alexander Mossolov, "Factory", arranged by Nicolai Popov
Sergei Prokofiev, "Fabrica" from ballet «Le Pas d’Acier», arranged by Nicolai Popov
Dmitri Burtsev, “tape reality” for acoustic and electronics instruments
Dmitri Kourliandski, “Re:Evolution” for robot, ensmeble and electronics
Marina Poleukhina, “in its own tempo” for instruments and objects
Frederic Rzewski, "Coming Together!"

Ivan Bushuev (flute)

Oleg Tantsov (clarinet)

Mikhail Dubov (piano)

Vladimir Terekhov (percussion)

Evgeny Subbotin (violin)

Ilya Rubinshtein (cello)