6 December 2021
Moscow, Rakhmaninov Conservatory Concert Hall, 19:00

FIVE NIGHTS, Contemporary chamber festival

Nicolai Khrust
Eugenics III. Feedback door man (2021) 
for ensemble and live-electronics

Konstantin Komoltsev
Letter # 9 (2021)
for ensemble and live-electronics

Anton Svetlichny
The Swan is dead (2021)
for key-board and electronics

Arman Gushchyan
0 degrees II (2018)
for violin, cello, prepared piano and electronics

Oleg Gudachev
We were so beautiful today (2021)
for ensmeble and electronics

Oleg Gidachev
Song (2021)
for piano trio and electronics

Anna Pospelova
A headache (2021)
for objects, electronics and video

Dmitri Remezov
vacuum (2020)
for ensemble, electronics and video


Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and Moscow soloists