25 October 2017
Czech Republic, Brno, Brno Philharmonic, 21:00

Festival “Exposition of new Musis”. Project MACHINERY

Vladimir DESHEVOV , “Rails”, electro-acoustic version by Alexander Khubeev
Vladimir GORLINSKY , “Accent Sequence” for piano and relay
Sergei PROKOFIEV , Factory from Ballet «Le Pas d’Acier», electro-acoustic version by Nikolai Popov
Nikolai POPOV , “Interferometer” for ensemble, electronics, light and video
Alexander KHUBEEV , “Cryptocalypse” for cello, electronics and video
Alexander MOSSOLOV , “Iron Foundry”, electro-acoustic version by Nikolai Popov
Alexander CHERNYSHKOV , “rather” for two stepper motors, two high voltage relays and ensemble

Ivan Bushuev, flute

Oleg Tantsov, clarinet

Mikhail Dubov, piano, keyboard

Dmitri Vlasik, percussion

Vladislav Pesin, violin

Ilia Rubinshtein, cello