25 December 2020
Moscow, Cultural Centre ZIL, 17:00

Concert-recording series MCME SPECTRUM. Music for Nine Post Cards

Hiroshi Yoshimura / Ivan Bushuev, "Music for Nine Post Cards" for ensemble and electronics

Ivan Bushuev, flute
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Roman Mints, violin
Olga Demina, cello

“Hiroshi Yoshimura is one of the pioneers of Japanese electronic music who worked in various genres: Japanese ambient, minimal, ecological music (perhaps musique concrète) and electronics. He was engaged in installations and music design, as well as composition. In spite of the simplicity and minimum of music, his works have an architectural and very deeply structure.
Studying Hiroshi’s first album of 1982 “Music for Nine Post Cards”, I wanted to reflect it in notes. I heard the sensitive and finely-built work of the composer, who intuitively or specially could create an impression of space with three or four lines.
At that moment I began to write it notes. This is not the first time when electronic music is fixed in musical text. I wanted to combine the synthesized timbres with acoustic instruments, since the material is feeling as the instrumental one. This experience was interesting because of the change in the genre of fixation. Some scores were written in simple language, but several had to come up with a suitable notation, on the one hand, for a clear understanding of the idea, on the other – for freedom. It has given an interpretation parameter that is necessary for music performing art”.
Ivan Bushuev