24 May 2024
Baku, International Mugham Center, 16:00

2nd International Festival BAKU CONTEMPORARY MUSIC DAYS. MCME Concert-DUO

Sergei Newski, “Unterbrochener Choral” version for flute and cello
Heinz Holliger, Duo for violin and cello
Sofia Gubaidulina, “Points, lines and zigzags” and bass-clarinet and piano
Giacinto Scelsi, “Ko Lho” for flute and clarinet
Salvatore Sciarrino, “Melancholy” for cello and piano
Tristan Murail, “Les Ruines circulaires” for clarinet and violin
Anna Pospelova, “K” for bass-flute and violin

Konstantin Efimov (flute), Oleg Tantsov (clarinet), Evgeny Subbotin (violin), Olga Demina (cello), Mikhail Dubov (piano)

Artistic Director — Viktoria Korshunova