1 September 2023
Tchaikovsky-city, Musical College, 18:00

13th International Young Composers Academy. Multimedia Concert “Under Voltage!”

Matyas Vettl “Nocturne” for 16 light switches
Brigitta Muntendorf “Public Privacy #6… bright no more” for voice, electronics and video
Igor C. Silva “My Empty Hands” for flexible percussion ensemble, electronics and video
Alexander Khubeev “Distorted reflections” for MIDI-keyboard and electronics
Michael Beil “Key Jane” for performer, electronics and video
Nikolay Popov «ARTRA» for MIDI-drums, electronics and video
Igor C. Silva “Smart-alienation” for ensemble, electronics and video

Performers: MCME&CEAM-Artists
Arina Zvereva (voice)
Maria Sadurdinova (keyboard)
Maria Koryakina (flute)
Yulia Miguinova (cello)
Evsevi Zubkov (percussion)
Philippe Fitin (percussion)

Igor Pavlov (light)
Ilia Kovalsky (sound)
Nicolai Popov (electronics)