6 September 2023
Tchaikovsky-city, Art School, 19:00

13th International Young Composers Academy. Works by Professors and Guests of the Academy

Vladimir Rannev “Firing” for ensemble, electronics and video
Michael Pelzel “Unrground Vibration” for clarinet, cello and piano
Vladimir Gorlinsky “Accent sequence” for piano and electornics
Arturo Corrales “Folk you too” for piccolo, violin and piano
Brice Pauset “Affluentes csm” for cello and piano
Roman Parkhomenko “Solar Poles” for four performers
Mark Buloshnikov “Watchman’s song” for ensemble

Performers: MCME
Konstantin Efimov (flute)
Oleg Tantsov (clarinet)
Mikhail Dubov (piano)
Maria Sadurdinova (piano)
Evgeny Subbotin (violin)
Olga Demina (cello)