6 September 2022
Tchaikovsky-city, Art School, 18:00

12th International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city. THE PROFESSORS’ CONCERT

Valery Voronov (Germany) “Zentaur III/ Rex tremendae” for Piccolo und Flügelsaiten
Katharina Rosenberger (Switzerland) “surge” for bass-clarinet, cello and piano
Pierre Jodlowski (France) “Série Noire” for piano and electronics
Alexander Khubeev (Russia) “Moan of the Earth” for string objects and electronics
Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia/France) “PS” for ensemble
Olga Bochikhina (Russia) “Acoustic-spatial Mirage” for ensemble and performers
Nikolai Khrust (Russia) “Prospettiva inversa col piano e forte” for clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Ivan Bushuev, flute
Ignat Krasikov, clarinet
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Maria Sadurdinova, piano
Evgeny Subbotin, violin
Yulia Migunova, cello

Soloists of the JUST ensemble