Students of 10th International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city


Carolina Carrizo (Argentina)
Carolina Carrizo (1986, Argentina), composer. She studied at Facultad de Bellas Artes, La Plata (Argentina) where, since 2017, she is assistant professor of composition. She has received two commissions from Teatro Argentino de la Plata in 2011 and 2018 and from MAB (Brazil) receiving an Honorable Mention at Prêmio Latino-Americano de Composição Piero Bastianelli. She has participated as an active composer at Ensemble Modern’s lecture in 2016 in Buenos Aires, at the Nordic Saxophone Festival (Finland) in 2015, at the collaborative project with the Nordic Saxophone Quartet (Sweden) since 2015, at CONdiT Lab (Argentina) in 2015 and at Contemporary Encounters III (Israel) in 2013.

Dmitry Efremov (RF)
Dmitry Efremov is a organizer of sounds and situations|performative artist. Dmitry has received master-courses by Oscar Bianchi, Dmiitri Kourliandski, Martin Schüttler and others. He is a participant of the “Composer Readings” and “Acoustic Readings” projects (2019-2020, Russia), a participant in the international festival “reMusic” (2020, online), an observer at the 9th International Academy in Tchaikovsky, a participant in the Yuri Bashmet winter arts festival (department of composition, twice 2019-2020), composer of the Kalv-festival (2020-21, Sweden), composer of the BlackBox theater laboratory (2020, Meyerhold center), co-author of the transdisciplinary association “Noctivagantus”(2020, Kirov). He explores performative practices based on characteristics of human psychology, conscious/unconscious, tactile sensations. Performative works touches upon the theme of sound and its interaction with the body without the help of musical instruments, and is aimed at “non-professional” musicians, performers and actors. He works closely with Russian poets/playwrights/directoris, ensembles (MCME, Rehead), sound artists and performers.

Katarina Gryvul (Ukraine)
Katarina Gryvul was born in the Lviv region, Ukraine in 1993. She studied violin and composition in the Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Academy of Music, then – electronic and electroacoustic composition in Academy of Music in Kraków with dr Marcin Strzelecki and prof. Marek Chołoniewski, also, she had lessons with such composers as Sergej Newski (Russia-Germany), Clemens Gadenstätter (Austria), Martin Schutter (Germany), Maxim Kolomiiets (Ukraine), Matthias Kranebitter (Austria), Sławomir Wojciechowski (Poland), Michael Schelle (USA) and others. Her pieces were performed at such festivals as KCMD (Kyiv, 2017), “VOX ELECTRONICA” and “One cubed” (Lviv 2017), SOLARIS (Krakow, 2018), “Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna” (Poznan, 2019), “Sounds around me” (Vienna, 2019), CONTRASTS International Festival of Contemporary Music (Lviv, 2018, 2019) and others. Recently Katarina participated in Krakow Film Music Festival, took part at “ACOUSMONIUM” Conference and released her works on Nawiarecords and Audiomat labels.

Konstantin Heuer (Germany)
Konstantin Heuer (*1989) creates music for acoustic and electronic instruments and their conjunction. He elaborates the idea of a microtonal harmonic counterpoint in extended just intonation. Born in Leipzig, Konstantin studied composition in Rostock, The Hague and Stuttgart, gained major artistic impulses from Marco Stroppa and Marc Sabat, lived as an artist in residence in Beijing and Paris, did the Cursus Ircam, ran the Neophon soloist ensemble, Berlin and won the Gaudeamus Price.

Roman Parkhomenko (RF)
Roman Parkhomenko (1993, Russia) – composer, winner of national and international composer competitions. He was an active participant in the international workshops: CEME 2020 (Israel), (Russia, 2019 and 2020), Sound of Wander (Italy), Agora – Forum & Sounds (Italy), Composers+ Summer Academy (Lithuania), Composers readings sessions (Russia), CMLC Workshop (Cyprus), Pro-Music (Russia), Open Space (Russia, 1st prize), Fusion Film Scoring (Greece); Invited resident of the Brush Creek Foundation For the Arts (USA) and Playa (USA). His music has been performed in Russia, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania and Israel at such international festivals as CEME 2020, VII St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (2020), Europe-Asia (2017). Among the performers of his music: MCME (Russia), Meitar Ensemble (Israel), MotoContrario Ensemble (Italy), ensemble “Russia”, Pro-music orchestra (Russia), etc. He received masterclasses with Helmut Lachenmann, Philippe Leroux, Raphael Сendo, Dmitri Kourliandski, Oscar Bianchi, Vladimir Tarnopolski , Marco Momi, Yuri Kasparov, Alexander Khubeev, Joanna Bailie,etc.

Daniil Posazhennikov (RF)
Daniil Posazhennikov was born in Novokuznetsk in 1994, graduated from Novosibirsk music college named after Askold Murov (violin faculty), proceeded his studies in Moscow in the State Musical Pedagogical Institute (with pr. Valery Vorona), in 2017 started to study composition with pr. Efrem Podgaits. Daniil was selected as a winner in the International Composers Competition at the Yuri Baschmet Winter Arts Festival (2018 and 2019), received stipendium by the Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich, created the project “Geometry of Sound” and took part in it as a composer. Daniil is a member of International Writers Association, many of his writings are translated into English and published in Canada, and he is continually active as an author of Russian and international publications. His second book of poetry and prose was released in 2016 by Biblio-Globus Publishing House, Moscow.

Anna Pospelova (RF)
Anna Pospelova (born in 1986, Moscow), pianist and composer. She graduated from Moscow State Conservatory (composition faculty), where she studied composition with pr. Tatiana Chudova and electronic composition with pr. Igor Kefalidi. In 2015 she has done internship in Moscow State Conservatory. Since 2014 Anna is a member of the Union of Moscow Composers. She is an author of various chamber and choral works, electronic and electro-acoustic compositions (including works with video and dynamic lighting), pieces for symphony orchestra, wind orchestra and orchestra of Russian folk instruments. She is a winner of several nationwide and international competitions, and took part in a number of Russian and international festivals.

Nicolas Roulive (Belgium)
Nicolas Roulive is a Belgian composer pursuing a Master at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva with Michael Jarrell. He also had masterclasses with Chaya Czernowin, Rebecca Saunders, Dmitry Kourliandski and Santiago Diez-Fischer. Within his work he likes to deal with vocal aspects, non-sense, or any reason to disturb a listener, such as using provocating raw material in his electronic music. He adores traveling, cats and moreover gossiping, as any average young composer.

Aled Smith (UK)
Aled Smith (*1990) is a composer/sound artist based in Manchester, UK. Formed as a sound architecture or construction, his work reflects on continually shifting perspectives of object-spaces. Instruments are treated as pure sound objects, detached from convention, and are often augmented with other media. He has collaborated with TAK Ensemble, Goska Isphording, Milosz Drogowski, E-Mex ensemble, Aleksandra Demowska-Madjeska, Jason Alder, and SEV Trio. Recently he has been invited to AdK Berlin for the 2020 Junge Akademie residency. He has also been selected as a winner of the Scorefollower ‘Fall 2019’ call for scores.

Chaz Underriner (USA)
)Chaz Underriner is a composer, intermedia artist and performer based in DeLand, Florida, USA where he is an Assistant Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University. Chaz’s work explores the representation of reality in art, especially landscape, through the juxtaposition of video projections, audio recordings and live performers. Chaz’s work has been programmed both nationally and internationally at festivals and venues such as IRCAM (Paris), Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht), the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s National Composer’s Intensive, the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Scotland), the International Computer Music Conference, and the Impuls Festival (Austria).


Kirill Arkhipov (RF)
Kirill Arkhipov was born in 1987 in Novotroitsk (Orenburg oblast, Russia). In 2019 he graduated from State Musical Pedagogical Institute named after Ippolitov-Ivanov (composition faculty, pr. Efrem Podgaits), where he currently is at an assistant-trainee in a discipline “Art of composition”. Kirill is a winner-finalist of the Young Composers Competition “Partitura” in the nomination “Long-form symphonic piece” (Moscow, 2020), won second prize at the 6th International Composers Competition of the XIII International Winter Arts Festival in Sochi (2020) and took part in composers’ academies and laboratories such as “Acoustic reading” (Moscow, 2017), “Composers’ readings” (Kazan, 2019) and International Music Academy of the Winter Festival in Sochi (2017, 2020).

Alberto Arroyo (Spain)
Alberto Arroyo (Spain, 1989) is a Dresden-based composer. He studied composition at CSMA (Aragon, Spain) with José Ma Sánchez-Verdú and Agustín Charles and received Master Degree at HfM Dresden (Germany) with Mark Andre and Manos Tsangaris. Currently he is writing his PhD thesis (with J.P. Hiekel). He is founder and artistic director of Continuum XXI, Historical Instruments Ensemble for Early and Contemporary Music. Alberto’s compositions’ sound aims to fusion different sources in order to create an auditory illusion (a ‘meta-instrument’), while his work in the field of Music Theatre can be described as a ‘poetry of the invisible’. His music has been awarded with different prizes (such as SGAE-Fundación Autor 2011, “Klänge hinter Mauern”, “Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2019: Beyond Boundaries” and others) and scholarships (Mozarteum Sommerakademie, Darmstadt Institut für Neue Musik, DAAD-HfM Dresden), and has been played in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, Japan and Brazil by musicians such as Andrés Gomis, Ensemble recherche and Potsdam Kammerakademie among many others. Alberto’s compositions are published in BabelScores.

Egor Savelianov (RF)
Egor Savelianov is a composer based in Moscow. He graduated with distinction as a pianist from Moscow music school №1 named after Sergey Prokofiev, then he graduated with honors from Academic Music College of the Moscow State Conservatory (music theory faculty), and recently he started to study composition at the Moscow State Conservatory (with pr. Yuri Kasparov). Egor is a participant of the festival “ 2020” and a winner of nationwide competitions on music theory, and both national and international composers competitions such as International Competition SAMAL (first place), International Competition named after V.A.Gavrilin (first place), international competition “New Music Generation” (first place) and others.

Ekaterina Suvorkina (RF)
Ekaterina Suvorkina (*1992) is a composer based in Nizhni Novgorod, member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, musicologist, teacher. She graduated from Nizhni Novgorod Music College (music theory faculty), then studied composition and musicology in Nizhni Novgorod State Conservatory (with docent Prisiazhniuk and pr. Krom). She is a winner of nationwide competitions, participant of several festivals of contemporary music, author of the opera “Pushkin’s tale”, pieces for symphony orchestra, chamber and vocal pieces. Ekaterina teaches theory and composition in Nizhni Novgorod music school and college.

Aleksey Vasiliev (RF)
Aleksey Vasiliev works with microtonal musical systems, in particular – with a 19-tone equal temperament. He composes music in this system, and also engaged in construction of its theory. Theoretical developments are closely related to the search for a new enarmonic musical language involving both tonal and combinatorial resources of the new system. He began to study music by learning to play classical guitar. At this time, he is designing new musical instruments for the 19-tone equal temperament system.


Merdan Byashimov (Turkmenistan)
Merdan Byashimov, pianist, composer. Graduated from music school of the Turkmen National Conservatory, three times received scholarships of the International Charity Foundation “New Names” (1998-2000), studied piano, composition, chamber ensemble and jazz improvisation with professors Valery Kastelsky, Кастельского, Lev Naumov, Alexey Skavronsky, Igor Hudoley, Tatiana Chudova, Nina Kogan, Redzhep Allayarov and Daniil Kramer. From 2005 to 2013 was a member of “Nurana” jazz collective and was actively touring in Russia and abroad, performing with pianists Sergey Manukyan and Valery Gorohovsky. In 2017 he graduated from composition department of the Kazan State Conservatory (pr. Boris Trubin). Merdan’s symphonic and chamber pieces were performed in Turkmenistan and Russia. He is a participant and winner of national and international festivals and competitions, such as All-Russian Festival of Young Composers’ Symphonic Music “Composer 2.0” (2016), 4th and 5th Young Composers Competitions of the International Winter Arts Festival (Sochi 2018, 2019), Open All-Russian Competition of Composers “La Primavera” (Kazan, 2018) and Bartok World Composition Competition (Budapest).

Maria Havrilyuk (Ukraine)
Maria Havrilyuk was born in Kyiv in 2003 and lives there now. She studies on music faculty of Kyiv Academy of Arts. Her first instrument is piano, the second one is violin. Since 2010 she has been learning composition. She is a laureate and winner of many regional and international piano and composition competitions. 2017 – Grand-Prix (academic competition) and first degree diploma (International Competition for Composers named after Spendiarov (Yalta)), 2018 – first degree diploma (academic competition) and first degree diplomas in nomination ” piano music” and “vocal music” (Kyiv composers’ competition named after Podvali)

Andrey Logunov (RF)
Andrey Logunov (born in 1990) graduated from composition faculty of Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg Conservatory, where he is studying now at the piano faculty (with pr. Vladimir Tsytovitch, pr. Sergey Slonimsky, pr. Gennady Banschikov, pr. Yekaterina Murina). He received Fullbright scholarship for 2018-2020. In 2020 he has done his master degree in Jacobs School of Music at the composition faculty (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA). Alexey is a winner of various competitions, including the 4th International Competition of musicians-performers and composers “Romantism: Roots and Horizons”, 6th and 7th Competitions of young composers “Three centuries of the classic romance” and Competition of symphonic pieces within the second project of “Siberian Symphony”. He was a participant of master-classes by Mátti Kovler, Klaus Lang, Robert Paterson, Jeffrey Mumford, Georg Friedrich Haas, Peep Lassmann and MCME.

Marina Lukashevich (Belarus)
Marina Lukashevich, composer, sound-engineer, musician and performer. At the age of 14 she performed in Belarus and Germany with a rock-band as a keyboard player, guitarist and author of music, and won the competition “Rock Junior” (best composition prize). She graduated from Minsk State College of Arts (as an ensemble director and accompanist), and later – from Belarusian State Music Academy (composition department). She also had classes on conducting, played domra, classic guitar and organ. Marina took part in ArtempAcademy2018 (Minsk), 8th Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky, Symphonic Seminars named after Oginsky (Molodechno), Symphonic Seminar of Vyacheslav Artyomov (Moscow), where she received master-classes by M.Schüttler, S.Newsky, C.Roche, C.Chernovin, S.D.Fisher, D.Kourliandsky, and V.Artyomov. Her pieces were performed in Belarus and Russia. She attended to courses on sound-engineering and computer arrangement, and worked in sound recording laboratory. Since 2017 she is sound engineer and sound designer of the Belarusian Army Drama Theatre. Marina is an author of music for various theatre pieces, computer games and video clips, author and participant of numerous performances in Minsk.

Marianna Lysenko (RF)
Marianna Lysenko, composer and videoartist. She works at the intersection of electronic and instrumental music, video and performance. Marianna was born in Moscow, studied composition in the Moscow State Conservatory, currently is studying in the Hochschule der Künste Bern. In her latest works she was mostly focused on revealing musical potential of sounding objects, on a specific reaction of public to various sorts of sounds, using video, electronics and recordings of different types of noises. Marianna took part in such festivals as “Druskomania”, International Contemporary Music Festival “Contrasts”, Electroacoustic Music and Visual Projects Festival “EviMus” and others. She also received master-classes of such composers as Alexander Schubert, Sergey Newsky, Stefan Prins, Johannes Kreidler, Martin Schüttler and others.

Alexander Perov (RF)
Alexander Perov is the composer, guitar player and bell-ringer. He was born in 1993 in Novosibirsk. He graduated The Novosibirsk State Music College of A.Murov by department of classic guitar in 2016. The winner of international contests. By the age of 22 he received a qualification of bell-ringer in Siberian centre of bell art in Novosibirsk Metropolitanate. During 2016 to 2020 Alexander studied in the class of Yuriy Yukechev. It was located in Novosibirsk Conservatory. Meanwhile the study he was a leader of Composer Club in student area. Nowadays Alexander is one of the student in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He entered a class of Yuriy Casparov. It’s crucial to say that Alexander is the creator of lectures, art meetings and, especially, music concerts in his hometown. He was a participant of Composer Readings and Micromusiclab. To raise his level of composition he took lessons from Daniel Schnyder, Viktor Ekimovsky and Dmitry Kurlandsky. From 2015 till present days Alexander takes part in Bells of Russia which is hold every year.

Alexander Pilchen (RF)
Alexander Pilchen was born in 1988, from 2002 to 2007 was studying in the Central Music School of the Moscow State Conservatory named after Petr Tchaikovsky (MSC). In 2012 he graduated from MSC (Department for the Art of Performance on Historical and Contemporary Instruments, with specializations on violin and baroque violin), had classes on composition with pr. Leonid Bobylev and pr. Tatiana Chudova. Since 2019 Alexander studies composition in Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe with pr. Markus Hechtle and Wolfgang Rihm.

Samir Tima (Iran)
Samir Tima is an Iranian artist who is currently studying composition at Saint-Petersburg conservatory under the supervision of Alexander Radvilovich, in parallel he takes some composition’s lessons with Mehdi Hosseini to study more new music. He also had composition’s lessons under the supervision of Mehran Rouhani (PGD from RCM) and Farshid Samandari (DMA from Uni. of British Columbia Vancouver), in the past and he had research about ethnic music in the Middle East. He collaborated with Vi-CO (Vancouver Inter Cultural Orchestra) and Road Runner Trio (Netherland) and he wrote some pieces for them. During this year he also took lessons in Festival 2020 and he participated in masterclasses of Yuri Kasparov, Raphael Cendo and Dmitri Kourliandski in St. Petersburg and took part in the MicroMusicLab Festival 2020 in Moscow.

Roman Zhaurov (RF)
Roman Zhaurov (born in 1996) graduated from Kamchatka College of Art (music theory department) and is currently studying composition at the Moscow State Conservatory (with pr. Leonid Bobylev). Roman is a winner of a number of international competitions, and a participant of the 13th International Winter Arts Festival (Sochi, 2020) and the 7th All-Russian Composers Summer School “Choir Laboratory. XXI century”.